In the field of women’s health care, you’ll often see two terms: gynecology and obstetrics. While many women’s care practices offer both services, that’s not always the case. To help you choose the right provider for your needs, here’s a closer look into how these two services differ.


Gynecologists are dedicated to female reproductive health, beginning in puberty and extending through menopause and thereafter. Women visit these providers to receive preventive care, such as annual pelvic exams and Pap tests to check for issues. Gynecologists also diagnose and treat conditions of the female reproductive system, like PCOS or endometriosis.


While gynecology doesn’t encompass care for pregnant women, a gynecologist can provide care for women looking to become pregnant. For instance, if there are issues that could be contributing to infertility, such as uterine polyps, a gynecologist can treat them to enhance the odds of becoming pregnant. They can also discuss, prescribe, and administer solutions to avoid pregnancy, such as birth control pills and intrauterine devices (IUDs). Gynecologists can also offer surgical care to address problems with the female reproductive system. 


While not all gynecologists are obstetricians, all obstetricians are both obstetricians and gynecologists. This is why you’ll often see their title referred to as an OB-GYN. These professionals specialize in the care of pregnant women and receive further training and experience in all stages of pregnancy care.

Throughout pregnancy, an OB-GYN monitors the health of the mother and the fetus with routine appointments. They’ll address any issues that may arise and will be present during labor to deliver the baby. Care continues after birth with follow-ups during the postnatal period to ensure proper healing.


Women of all ages can turn to Greece OB-GYN LLP in Rochester, NY, for comprehensive care. This practice offers both gynecology and obstetrics to ensure patients have access to a full range of medical services throughout every stage of life. Find out more about their care options online, or schedule an appointment by calling (585) 225-6680. 



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