Feeling fresh and clean downstairs is a top priority for many women. Unfortunately, there’s a common misconception that using certain feminine care products like douches will help achieve this goal. In reality, though, this practice can be highly problematic, which is why gynecologists advise against it so strongly. To better understand the dangers of this product and which alternatives are available to you, consult the guide below. 

What Is Douching?

Although there are douching products, the term itself actually refers to a practice, not a product. To “douche,” means to “soak” or “wash” in French. The process involves soaking the internal part of the vagina, typically using a sponge-like product, in a cleaning solution, often made of vinegar and water. Douching can be done using at-home items, or it can be a purchased over the counter at your local drugstore or pharmacy.

gynecologistWhy Is Douching Harmful?

Vaginal health is highly reliant on maintaining a proper pH balance, or levels of acid. Anytime a substance enters into the vagina, there’s a risk of upsetting this pH balance; even products simple as unscented soaps can have a negative effect. Douching, in particular, is highly dangerous because it can throw off vaginal pH balance significantly, leading to an increased risk of irritations, yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis. 

Are There Safe Alternative Options? 

The safest approach to maintaining a healthy vagina is to actually avoid doing anything. Vaginas are self-cleaning body systems and will remain fresh on their own, without any interference. If you do want to clean internally, you should only use water. When cleaning with soap bars or body washes, focus on the external genitals only. If you’re struggling with foul scents or feeling unclean, talk to your gynecologist; it may be due to certain lifestyle choices or a physical condition that needs medical intervention.


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