Knowing when to take your teen daughter to the gynecologist can be challenging, especially since she might not want to discuss her reproductive health just yet with a doctor. Before broaching the subject, it’s best to learn when it’s time to schedule this appointment and what she should expect. The guide below discusses these ideas in detail. 

When Is the Right Time for a Teen Girl to Visit the Gynecologist? The Recommended Time Framegynecologist

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) suggests that teenage girls should see an OB-GYN between the ages of 13 and 15. Girls typically start menstruating between 12 and 13, and seeing a gynecologist helps them learn more about their evolving bodies. 

Some primary care doctors provide women’s health services, though it is generally best to see an OB-GYN practitioner. The health expert provides a comfortable environment for your daughter to discuss sensitive topics she might not want to talk about with the family doctor and offers comprehensive answers to all reproductive questions. Your daughter will learn what’s normal and abnormal about menstrual cycles and reproductive health, including signs of yeast infections, cramps, and vaginal dermatitis. 

Your daughter also gets the opportunity to ask about sex during the confidential session, and address any other concerns she has, such as painful periods or the inability to use a tampon.

The First Exam 

The initial gynecological visit will not include a pelvic exam unless the teen is sexually active or experiencing reproductive health problems, such as fever, stomach pain, green vaginal discharge, and other pelvic inflammatory disease symptoms. Instead, the visit includes standard services like blood pressure readings, getting weighed, and asking about her general health. The gynecologist will inquire about her menstruation regularity and longevity, and whether she experiences severe cramps, bleeding between periods, or heavy bleeding. 

Healthy sex practices that prevent STDs are typically covered, and your daughter might also receive a breast exam to check for lumps and pain. If she wants to have you in the room or prefers a female doctor for comfort reasons, simply let the OB-GYN center know and they can accommodate her request. 

If it’s time for your daughter’s first visit to the gynecologist, make an appointment with Greece OB-GYN, LLP. The health center has served Rochester, NY, and the surrounding areas since 1963. They recently welcomed a new doctor, Zoila Velastegui, who is currently taking patients. They’re offering evening hours for your convenience, so call (585) 225-6680 to make an appointment. Visit their website for more information about gynecology services.



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