Scheduling regular pelvic exams and other OB-GYN services is an effective way to protect your reproductive health. A gynecologist can, for example, detect possible health concerns early and provide the necessary treatment to prevent a condition from becoming worse. They can also prescribe birth control pills or provide obstetrics to keep your family-planning goals on track. To prepare for the appointment, below are steps you should take and other practices to avoid.

Do:Track your monthly cycle.It’s a good idea to download on your smartphone an app that tracks your menstrual cycle. These types of apps can track your period and ovulation cycle as well as your mood, the schedule for your birth control method, and changes to your cycle. A gynecologist can use this information to determine whether your periods are normal or abnormal, whether you need to be examined for fertility issues, and whether your hormones are balanced. If there are irregularities in your cycle, your doctor can address the concerns.

Find a doctor who makes you comfortable. OB-GYN servicesDue to the nature of pap smears and other gynecological exams, it’s natural to feel anxiety before an appointment. Going to a gynecologist you feel comfortable with can help alleviate the tension. This way, you will feel more comfortable speaking candidly about your reproductive health, and your body will be able to relax, so the doctor can perform the exams. You can consult with different healthcare providers until you find a professional who is the right match for you.

Don’t:Lie about health information. You might be apprehensive to discuss your health information with an OB-GYN services provider. However, it’s important to remember that medical professionals are there to assist you in any way they can, and knowing about your lifestyle and risk factors can provide valuable information, so they can give you proper care and keep you healthy. That’s why you should be open and honest regarding the number of sexual partners you’ve had, whether you use contraception, vaginal discomfort, and any other potentially sensitive topics.

Forget to ask questions. Before you head to the appointment, write down any questions you might have for the doctor. This way, you won’t forget to ask them during the consultation or exam. For example, remember to bring up any queries regarding birth control side effects, testing and prevention for sexually transmitted diseases and infections, odd sensations during sexual intercourse, and abnormal period pain.

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