5 Benefits of Birth Control Beyond Pregnancy Prevention, Greece, New York

Birth control pills prevent pregnancy by stopping monthly ovulation cycles and thickening cervical mucus to block sperm activity. Yet the pills and other hormonal birth control methods such as implants, patches, and IUDs have numerous other benefits. Here’s some information to help you determine which options are right for you. What Are Some Other Uses…

4 Advantages of Telemedicine in Gynecology , Greece, New York

Technology has transformed many industries and disciplines in recent decades, and gynecology is no different. With so much change and uncertainty, telemedicine is a particularly innovative and useful result of technological advances. Defined by the provision of health services in the form of remote medical appointments, monitoring, education, and treatments, there are many reasons why you might…

What to Expect When You Stop Taking the Birth Control Pill, Greece, New York

Whether you started taking the birth control pill to prevent pregnancy, ease cramps, regulate your menstrual cycle, or get rid of acne, there may come a time when you want to go off of it. It’s important to speak with your gynecologist before making this decision, as you will likely encounter side effects when you discontinue your prescription….

How Can I Talk to My Daughter About Her First Period?, Greece, New York

Although menstruation is completely natural, many people feel uncomfortable talking about it. However, if you have a daughter who’s nearing puberty, it’s important to prepare her for her first period with open, educational conversations. Make those discussions more effective and less scary by following these three gynecologist-recommended tips.  3 Tips to Talk to Your Daughter About…

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