How to Maximize Your Odds of Conception, Greece, New York

When you’re ready to start family planning, scheduling a visit with your gynecologist is an excellent way to get started. During these appointments, it’s common to have questions about conception and how to stacks the odds in your favor. Here are a few family planning tips gynecologists recommend. 

4 Family Planning Tips to Boost Your Chances of Conception

1. Know Your Cycle

While you may have a solid understanding of when your period starts, honing in on your cycle as a whole is essential. Do this by marking the start and end of your period each month on your calendar. From there, you can count backward 12 to 14 days to determine when you’re ovulating. Additionally, look for signs of ovulation, such as a change in cervical mucus. You can also invest in ovulation prediction kits to further increase your chances. 

2. Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

Conception becomes easier when you’re healthy. Talk to your gynecologist about prenatal vitamins and other ways to boost your overall health and wellness through a nutritious diet and exercise routine. If you have other medical conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, or oral health issues, focus on getting them under control. 

3. Monitor Your Stress Levels

Family PlanningDid you know that higher stress levels can disrupt your ovulation schedule? When your cycle shifts due to anxiety and work stress, determining when you’re ovulating can become increasingly difficult. Thus, finding ways to relax and monitor your stress, whether it be through yoga, writing down your thoughts, meditation, massage, or acupuncture, can be beneficial. 

4. Steer Clear of Tobacco & Alcohol

Smoking cigarettes can be incredibly detrimental to your overall health and is associated with a myriad of conditions, including lung and heart disease, and diabetes. Further research has also shown that smoking can increase the loss of a woman’s eggs, thus decreasing the odds of conception. Heavy alcohol consumption is also linked to infertility, so kicking both habits can boost your family planning process. 



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