A Beginner’s Guide to Birth Control Pills, Greece, New York

Today, there are many contraceptive options to consider if you’d like to avoid getting pregnant. Birth control pills remain the most popular option, as many patients are drawn to the simplicity and convenience of this preventative. Before you visit your doctor to discuss your options, here is what you should know about the pill.

How Effective Are the Pills?

When used properly, birth control pills are 99% effective. However, there are many factors that can reduce their efficacy, so experts believe that the adjusted effectiveness is closer to 91%.

Certain medications may interfere with the pill, including the antibiotic Rifampin and the antifungal medication Griseofulvin. There are even some herbs, such as St. John’s Wort, which can diminish the pill’s effectiveness.   

What Are the Proper Ways to Use Them?

birth controlYou may need to use a backup prevention method, such as a barrier like condoms, for seven days or more, depending on when you start your pills. For instance, if you start combination pills on the first day of your period, protection begins immediately. If you take them any other time of the month, use a backup method for a week, as it may take this long for the pills to take effect. Progestin-only pills begin preventing pregnancy within 48 hours.

Additionally, you’ll also need to take your birth control pills at the same time every day. Consider storing them in your purse to ensure you’ll always have them with you at all times. You might also want to consider setting a recurring alarm on your phone so you don’t forget to take them. If you do miss a pill, most practitioners advise doubling up the next day. Nonetheless, it’s a good practice to use an alternate means of protection until your next period.


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