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Technology has transformed many industries and disciplines in recent decades, and gynecology is no different. With so much change and uncertainty, telemedicine is a particularly innovative and useful result of technological advances. Defined by the provision of health services in the form of remote medical appointments, monitoring, education, and treatments, there are many reasons why you might consider using telemedicine for your medical needs. 

4 Benefits of Telemedicine

1. Saves Time & Money 

By doing visits with your gynecologist over video or teleconference, you don’t have to worry about setting aside time and money for transportation, gas, childcare, elder care, or sitting in a traffic jam or waiting room. There’s no need to worry about getting time off from work, either. You can simply speak with the gynecologist at a time that’s convenient for both of you without having to go anywhere. 

Also, telemedicine apps are available to help you compare prices for medicine at stores and pharmacies throughout your area. That way, you can go to the place that offers the best deal. 

2. Allows Easier Access 

gynecologyNot only does telemedicine make it easier to research and compare gynecologists online, but you’re more likely to find exactly the type of gynecologist you need.

The field of gynecology tends to focus on four subspecialties: reproductive endocrinology, maternal-fetal medicine, oncology, and urogynecology. Whether you want to address family planning, pregnancy, or urinary or cancer problems specific to women, telemedicine lets you locate them. 

3. Protects Your Immune System 

Remote gynecology appointments spare you from having to go to an on-site clinic, which is important if you’re sick or prone to picking up sicknesses from others. Using telemedicine to meet as many of your medical needs as possible allows you to avoid going anywhere that might compromise your health, helping you stay strong. 

4. Supports Organization 

With telemedicine apps, you can access your medical records, order prescribed medications, set reminders to take them, and figure out insurance and pricing issues with just a few clicks. It’s far easier to stay organized when all your medical services and necessities are available in the same place. 


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